Wednesday, February 25, 2009

what does it take to find a lost love ? Tt takes destiny to find z lost love.

I like the moving film.
first : the film sparkpluq love, honestyand goodess.the actor experience pathos worldil, however, He still keep such apure and goodness man.he doesn't accept alms because of money isn't important to him , when the host cheeps to tell him answer. so he choose D of final answer.
second :the neey life , the flounce and cloudiness of social rock -bottom , the improper asking of ploice. so called contemn andcheat in rank and fashion . however, facing to fresh and blood .the actor still keep optimistic and active in his life the same as thactor have a lively at station at the begin
third; i see part of the film moved me to tears, i don't know why i have cried, may be enotion,may be affeted, may be commiserate .that no words describe.


  1. Thank you for the lovely tome you left on my blog - very thought provoking.

    As for Slumdog Millionaire - a truly superb film of hope, love and triumph over adversity. If only it happened more in life eh?

  2. Yes, it is a remarkable film that will move many to are not alone!

  3. Hi! thanks for the visit, lovely poem you left. :D

  4. I loved Slumdog, A great movie:)
    Thank-you for the kind comment.

  5. Hi Loog. Thank you for the visit to Oasis. I hope I can see the movie soon. It promises to be excellent. So glad you had a powerful experience.

  6. I have heard this is an excellent film. I must see it soon. Perhaps you cried because you have a kind heart.

  7. I recently saw Slumdog & it is an excellent movie :-) It moved me to tears also, especially watching how evil & cruel the adults were to the vulnerable children who placed all their trust & hopes in them!
    Thank you again for visiting my blog - Mar (Scotland)

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