Monday, March 2, 2009

element knowledge of life

Single crystal sugar gives you a lot health .
single crystal sugar has there functions.
first: single crystal sugar can reduce internal heat and bad breath.
second: single crystal sugar can make your mind enjoy ease of mind .
third :puting it in mouth,single crystal sugar can give up smoking.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

what does it take to find a lost love ? Tt takes destiny to find z lost love.

I like the moving film.
first : the film sparkpluq love, honestyand goodess.the actor experience pathos worldil, however, He still keep such apure and goodness man.he doesn't accept alms because of money isn't important to him , when the host cheeps to tell him answer. so he choose D of final answer.
second :the neey life , the flounce and cloudiness of social rock -bottom , the improper asking of ploice. so called contemn andcheat in rank and fashion . however, facing to fresh and blood .the actor still keep optimistic and active in his life the same as thactor have a lively at station at the begin
third; i see part of the film moved me to tears, i don't know why i have cried, may be enotion,may be affeted, may be commiserate .that no words describe.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laoshan mountain

Go north about three kilometer from Taiqing palace, you can see Mingxia hole in middle of back there a group of moutain peaks rise straight up , high moutains ,dense thickets .

from the perspective of the former, precipitous as well as deep gully,lower stance hill. at sunset , the rose cloud changing irregularly .

IT is named of chaoyin waterhall beacause of the sound seem to be the sound of wave, the end of beijiu river is chaojin waterhall that surrounded by crags.

You can have other sentiment ,when you watch the magnificent view of moon rise at taiqing palance .when hush low , glabrous moon will be rasied from offing by a ball of golden shine. when moon clour besprinkle offing ,we can watch lights across the water and hear the pat of ripple . very beautiful


I'm up later at Am 7 o'clock,then I bushed my teeth and washed my face . then i maked breakfast .then i was going to call my mother to have breakfast . after breakfast, i was going to s my blog , Meredith Teagarden had came back into my blog and posted comment ,then i had went into Meredith Teagarden (The Things We Carried) 's blog to reply her questions . but i could't upload words in her comment, then there i respond her questions :
I' m only a technical student ,because i could pass the entrance examination. my pateral grand mother lives with us ,the "a zaza fighting " means come on,the weave hair is a kind of handcraft.
At afternoon, my husband of mother's sister come to my home to take product of handcraft. he said that my aunt won a prize(a hond car) , but i don't believe that true . because there have been a lot case cogged in society. what my uncle said is similar to method of swindle what press reported .

now is night . I should finish all tasks . Though i'm sleepy,i must finish all work.

Monday, February 23, 2009


my family consist of grandmother father mother and me .i love them. of course, i'm the only child in my fanily.because the birth control police of china allow of birthing only one child in chinese i should be a favourit son.
my grandmother has accomplished the age of 83 years of her life, my mother and father are farmer as well as worker ,on the planting season and the crown of the year,they are busy with field work ,if i was at home ,i alsocan help them in field work, besides, my father is engaged in decoration and my mother is about handicraft of hair weaves.
monthes later ,i will go into the wokeforce. i'm going to woke hard with full of confidence.
a zaza fighting for future and xiangying.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


FOREWORD: before the day , boys must kotow to elderships in the family,then the boys could achieve encouragement. it is necessary that men must kotow to elderships without encouragement in the family.the kotoe is consuetudinary in new year of china.
In coursw of time ,old customs and observances tend to fall into neglect ,but i was goning to kotow to elderships in the family in new year of china . It is not feudal, only for jollification ,festival and happy. because i want to happy for familys. in childhood,i kotowed as i wanted money .after grow up, people in hometown don't kotow at all. but i was going to kowtow for happy ,featival and jollification.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm cheerful that Sandi McBride came into my blog,thank you for visting my blog. I 'm more and more interesting in english now,but my english level is not well,if i have mistake in english ,please help me correct it .but the past few days i could not improve my english very well . please help me how to learn english ,if you have the time .