Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm up later at Am 7 o'clock,then I bushed my teeth and washed my face . then i maked breakfast .then i was going to call my mother to have breakfast . after breakfast, i was going to s my blog , Meredith Teagarden had came back into my blog and posted comment ,then i had went into Meredith Teagarden (The Things We Carried) 's blog to reply her questions . but i could't upload words in her comment, then there i respond her questions :
I' m only a technical student ,because i could pass the entrance examination. my pateral grand mother lives with us ,the "a zaza fighting " means come on,the weave hair is a kind of handcraft.
At afternoon, my husband of mother's sister come to my home to take product of handcraft. he said that my aunt won a prize(a hond car) , but i don't believe that true . because there have been a lot case cogged in society. what my uncle said is similar to method of swindle what press reported .

now is night . I should finish all tasks . Though i'm sleepy,i must finish all work.

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting and answering my questions! If you keep trying your English will improve! I am very impressed with your work here.